Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Orman, Wattleton and Huffington Discuss Gender Inequality on Anderson Cooper

You don't see this very often, if ever. A panel on a prime time cable news show made up entirely of women. Three women. This has got to be some kind of record.

Suze Orman, Faye Wattleton and Arianna Huffington joined Anderson Cooper last night to discuss the Shriver Report's findings on women's status in the workplace. Topics included the gender wage gap and how women get to keep their jobs in a recession because women are cheap labor. Also, women have great difficulty valuing their work (since society doesn't), so asking for a raise is as painful as going to the dreaded dentist.

In Suze Orman's view, men who say they have no problem with wives who earn more money than husbands are men who are liars (watch the video here) . Oh, and CNN tries to be helpful by conducting its own nonscientific poll to determine if working for women is like working for backstabbing bitches.

Orman, Wattleton and Huffington handled CNN's cutesy effort to blame inequality on women better than I expected. Hey, I was just grateful that CNN didn't blame Hillary.

All in all, I thought the 3 women were quite good.