Monday, July 27, 2009

Sarah Palin Berates Poor Defenseless Media (Video)

The pundits are in a tizzy today because Sarah Palin blasted the media for attacking children and for spreading gossip rather than facts. To thunderous applause, the former Governor of Alaska, explicitly instructed the media to "leave [the new Governor's] kids alone" and to "quit making things up."

From the Morning Joe crew to the famously sexist Chris Matthews, the media boyz are scratching their heads, claiming to have no clue about what in hell Sarah Palin was talking about. Reports laden with sensationalistic drama-queen rhetoric from reporters such as CBS' Scott Conroy and Steve Chaggaris give the impression that the general consensus is that Sarah Palin was mean to the media! The reporters suggest that it is unwise for Palin to attack the media, presumably because the media will retaliate:

Palin's conviction that she has been wronged by the press may be heartfelt, but it is difficult to see how the long-term benefits of constantly berating journalists outweigh the negative impacts.

And Chris Matthews accuses Sarah Palin of playing the victim card!

"She goes after the media in a way I've never heard before. . What was she referring to there?"
-- Ed Shultz, MSNBC