Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rally for Single Payer in Nashville & D.C. July 30

Thousands will gather in Washington D.C. to rally and call on Congress to pass a bill mandating a single payer health care system -- on Thursday, July 30.

Lobby Day and Rally - July, 30th -Celebrate Medicare’s 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama that unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support single-payer healthcare. The best way to save this system is to expand it and make it a truly single-payer system by removing the for-profit interests.

Single payer advocates in attendance will include Congressman John Conyers, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Bernie Sanders and President Obama’s former personal physician, Dr. David Scheiner.

Here in Nashville, Tennesseans will rally outside Rep. Jim Cooper's office downtown. The Nashville Rally for Health Care Reform is sponsored by the Nashville Chapter of Healthcare Now!; Tennessee Physicians for a National Healthcare Program; Nashville Peace & Justice Center; Nashville Chapter of Veterans for Peace and friends.

Rally & Lobby Rep. Cooper for REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM!

When: Thursday, July 30, 2009
12 noon to 1:00 PM

Where: Rep. Jim Cooper's Office
605 Church St.
Nashville 37219

Contact: Jane Steinfels Hussain,
(615) 650-8868, 429-4739,

Directions: Rep. Cooper's Office is located in the main public library building downtown at 605 Church Street. The office has an exterior entrance off Church Street.

This is a family friendly event -- the presence of children is encouraged. Cake and other homemade goodies will be served to the staff at Congressman Cooper's office by mothers and others who want to see real health care reform for families and all! Children and other marginalized citizens deserve a bigger piece of the pie! Positive signage and messaging is encouraged.

Reasons to be there: Crooks and Liars: Baucus leaves America behind: Senate Finance Committee is dropping the "public option" from their bill: It looks like the mighty Emperor Max Baucus and his royal lords are finally releasing details of their health care plan and to nobody's surprise they decided to screw America.
FDL: Three Republican Senators Are Worth More Than 76% of the Country
Think Progress: A bipartisan group of the Senate Finance Committee is “closing in on a health care compromise.” The tentative agreement would create “a network of nonprofit cooperatives,” instead of establishing a new public health plan as favored by senior House Democrats. Also, the Senate “moderates” won’t mandate employer coverage.