Thursday, July 30, 2009

Healthcare Deform: "Co-ops" Is Just Another Name for Fake Public Option

Jane Hamsher on why the new health care compromise called "co-ops" is just another name for a fake public option:

I know many were delighted with President Obama's defense of a "public option" yesterday. But coming on the heels of Robert Gibbs' statement that the President doesn't prefer a public option over co-ops, I listened carefully and my impression is that this is just Phase III of the co-op squeeze play: try to say co-ops are just as good as a public option and convince people that having a true public option just isn't a big deal. Because that's what Kent Conrad designed them for -- as he told me, he came up with them when it was determined that there "weren't enough votes" for a public option (and the public most certainly wanted one).

It's why Jerry Nadler called co-ops the "fake" public option: make the 76% of Americans who want a public option feel like they got one without actually having to give them one. There's a reason insurance stocks are soaring.

Want universal health care? Go to Canada, or France, or Germany, or Sweden, or Norway, or Britain, or Spain, or Japan, or Turkey, or Switzerland, or Japan, or Ireland, or Iceland, or South Korea, or Poland, or Cuba, or Australia, etc.

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