Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rihanna v. Chris Brown the Brute: Beating up a Girl Will Get You Probation (Video)

It's hard to believe that Chris Brown would have gotten off with probation if he'd beaten up anybody but a girl. Probation seems to be the standard punishment for beating up a girl. Despite the crazy rumors, it appears that Rihanna is smarter than people say -- she is no longer the girlfriend of a thuggish brute. That loss, along with the public shaming, is surely the harshest punishment of all for Chris Brown the Brute. In the video clip below, TMZ caught Chris Brown the Brute and Rihanna in the courtroom:

Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to the serious charge of felony assault against his one-time girlfriend Rihanna. The charges came after an altercation in February left Rihanna battered and bruised. While Brown will not serve any jail time, he has been assigned to six months of community service in his home state of Virginia. He will serve five years on supervised probation with quarterly California court visits and complete a domestic violence counseling program.

Brown has been ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times with the exception of music industry events they are both attending. At such times, her zone of privacy is limited to 10 yards.