Monday, June 15, 2009

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Sarah Palin is A Bad Mother (Video)

In the sickening video clip below, MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Donny Deutsch open their alpha male mouths and reveal that they 'get' nothing. The men illustrate exactly why this country ranks so dismally low -- behind some 70 nations -- in the number of women in elected office.

The self-absorbed boys tell us that Sarah Palin is a bad mother. Obscenely sexist jokes about your daughters are simply what you get if you are a bad mother who dares to participate in politics and bring children with you. Politics is not a family affair. The men have wives who keep their children at home. The wives do it so well that the men can forget that they have children. Those are the rules.

And if Sarah Palin doesn't like to be described as a slutty bitch, she should stay home too. Like a good wife. Because, like adolescent boys in the backseat of a car, pundits and comedians just can't control themselves.

This is how the boys play politics. Why should they change the rules? They already had to cool it with the racist insults. Why should they have to clean up the sexist crap too?

The only way we are ever going to get anything approaching equal representation for women in this sick misogyny-infested boy-dominated cowboy country is by changing the wild west frat house rules so that finally politics is fit for women and children, and sane men.

Feminist trailblazers like Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton lead the way. We are fortunate to have them because, face it, most of us simply don't have the stomach to go there. Until the boys are forced to control themselves, most women will simply abstain from politics.

Video via Amy Siskind at The New Agenda

A feminist respects men and women in equal measure -therefore all decent human beings are feminists. -- Oona King

Graphic via The Fawcett Society