Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nashville Gays & Allies Protest Prop 8 - Photos - Fight the H8!

In downtown Nashville, Tennessee, 200 to 300 gays and their allies joined the National Anti Prop 8 Protest. Not bad for this little ole' red state. My beautiful daughter took these photos. And I'll have video up asap. Towleroad has photos from across the nation - which include Nashville! Even Andrew Sullivan has a photo of the Nashville protest!

Lots of national Prop 8 Protest photos at Join the Impact
Gay rights rally in Nashville draws more than 200
Photos from across the nation, Nashville too.
Memphis Prop 8 Protest
New York Times: In one of the nation’s largest displays of support for gay rights, tens of thousands of people in cities across the country turned out in support of same-sex marriage on Saturday, lending their voices to an issue that many gay men and lesbians consider a critical step to full equality.
Prop. 8 opponents rally across California to protest gay-marriage ban
Across nation, gay advocates protest marriage ban
Thousands gather, march in Chicago Prop. 8 protest