Thursday, May 22, 2008

MSNBC Michelle Bernard: “There Will Be Race Riots in the Street” (Video)

Nominate Barack Obama Or Else!
OR - When Right-wingers Use Race to Divide Democrats

Michelle Bernard, one of MSNBC's new "political analysts," recently caught my attention with this profound political analysis:

"There is no way the super-delegates can take this away from Barack Obama. There will be race riots in the street

Okay, this is a pretty shockingly irresponsible statement. It's true that throughout the course of Obama's campaign, MSNBC pundits have promoted the network's beloved Democratic candidate by making numerous veiled threats of race riots in the streets, but this is the first time I've heard the threat stated so explicitly. My initial reaction was the thought that Hillary would surely drop out of the race now. I mean surely even the all-powerful Evil Hillary wouldn't want to be responsible for causing race riots in the street.

After that thought, I wondered what kind of person would demean and insult not only the entire African-American population, but also the very concept of democracy itself, by speaking so approvingly, and thereby promoting, violence in the streets?

So I googled Michelle Bernard. And, yep, she is that kind of person. Michelle Bernard is the CEO of the rabidly conservative anti-feminist Independent Women's Forum - a group with strong ties to the Bush Administration. Good f#@king grief! MSNBC, we hardly knew you.

But seriously, we've said it before, when the corporate media is shoving your Democratic candidate down your progressive throat, it may be time to ask yourself: Are you are indeed on a bandwagon, or are you in a flock?

For an answer to the riveting question: Have some conservatives been supporting Barack Obama because they think he would be the easier Democratic candidate to beat?, see Wayne Barrett's piece at the Village Voice: Hillary and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

And the inestimable Bob Somerby has some fascinating details about Michelle Bernard's career at MSNBC, as well as some gems about the IWF, such as the fact that IWF Directors Emeritae include Lynn Cheney, Wendy Gramm, Midge Decter and Kate O’Beirne.

But I've saved the best for last. IWF was founded in 1992 for the purpose of getting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. You remember Clarence Thomas? That black guy so infamous for 'reaching out' to Republicans.

But really folks, the number of right-wing Black political analysts who are promoting Barack Obama and who are also paid by the corporate media is downright creepy. See some of them here. More on this later.

Michelle Bernard: There Will Be Race Riots

"In prime time coverage of a White House election, no cable news network has ever been as propagandized as MSNBC currently is."

video clip via Howling Latina
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Graphics: #1 Michelle Bernard, paid MSNBC 'political analyst'; #2 Condi Rice speaking at the Independent Women's Forum.