Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reports of Dirty Tricks by Obama Camp in Texas & Ohio

The Obama campaign stands accused of dirty tricks in both Texas and Ohio:

An official in the office of the Ohio Secretary of State has has written local election officials instructing them not to accept an Obama campaign letter (.pdf) as sufficient documentation for poll-watchers to polling places. The state's rules require a formal certification process for poll monitors. The Obama campaign, however, has distributed a letter signed by its state director, Paul Tewes, which states that the letter's bearer is "hereby authorized to serve as a legal poll monitor."

Lynn Utrecht, chief campaign counsel for Sen. Hillary Clinton, said that she'd received reports from the field of Obama poll workers being kicked out of precincts for aggressively challenging voters.

And in Texas -- from Jeralyn at TalkLeft:

I'm receiving reports that contrary to Texas Democratic party caucus rules that preclude registration forms from being submitted before either 7:15 pm or the last vote at a precinct has been cast, Obama volunteers are handing out the forms at precincts today and asking people to fill them in and then collecting them. For Obama to submit the forms on the voters' behalf without the voter physically being present at the caucus would violate the rules.

And only moments ago, there was Obama on my teevee waxing eloquent about how pure and superior his campaign is, and how he will never sink to the low ways of Hillary because he is morally superior. That's almost as amusing as when Obama opines that campaigning against Hillary is good practice for campaigning against Republicans.

That's why we call him naïve and inexperienced.