Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Gonzales "I Don't Recall" Video

This brief video captures the highlights of the Gonzales testimony, in which the bumbling fool, aka dull-witted apparatchik, says some version of "I don't recall" SEVENTY-ONE times!

Smoking doobies? Or Alzheimer's disease?

Liar or fool? You decide.

One thing is clear, since Gonzales can't recall a damn thing, we need to hear from Karl Rove.

After Gonzales' embarrassingly incompetent performance before the Senate Judiciary Committe, Bushie said he has "full confidence" in Gonzales. The Idiot-in-Chief praised Gonzales for his "fantastic" service.

Bush is "pleased" with the his loyal Bushie's performance cause if Gonzales recalled anything, somebody might be indicted. Who might that somebody be?

"There's enough evidence to indicate that Karl Rove was involved up to his eyeballs," said David Iglesias, the former New Mexico U.S. attorney and one of the eight fired last year."

The Nation dubs Gonzales the: The I-Don't-Recall Man.