Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poll: Vanishing Republicans, Multiplying Democrats

Republicans are disappearing and Democrats have effectively gone forth and multiplied, according to Gallup Poll. And that's true even in Tennessee.

Given the train-wreck that calls itself the Republican Party, color us so not surprised.

In the nation, Gallup finds:

34% of Americans identify as Democrats
30% as Republican
34% as Independents

It gets better.

Fifty percent of Americans identify as Democratic, or as Independents who lean Democratic, while only 40% identify as Republican, or as Independents who lean Republican.

A 10 point difference.

Moreover, in the 48 continental states plus D.C. polled by Gallup, Democrats have a clear advantage in 33 states. In 6 states, people actually favor Republicans. Tennessee is NOT one of those wacky 6 states.

In Tennessee, Republicans, or leaning-Republican people are at 44 percent. Democrats, or leaning-Democratic people are at 47 percent. (Only 9 percent are noncommittal Independents.)

Who Will Tell the DINOs?

Tennessee, like the nation, has had enough. Now all we have to do is help all of those Democratic and Democratic-leaning Tennesseans deliver the message to DINOs like the Judas from Clarksville.

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