Monday, April 03, 2006

Whatcha Got On Underneath That Burqa, Baby?

by MzNicky

Through the use of such socially and politically loaded code words as “prejudiced,” “narrow-minded,” “bigoted,” and “racist,” and mutterings that we “probably thought we were being cute” (something my mother used to snarl at me when I was a mere toddler feminist), TGW has been taken to task for using the burqa to symbolize opposition to the Tennessee Taliban’s efforts to drag women back into the 19th century.

Despite the “cultural insensitivity” shown by the NYC blogger in question toward the usual regional stereotypes that progressives in the South must fight constantly, we’re not going to get drawn into a “my understanding of post-colonial feminist cultural awareness is better than yours” cyber-cat fight here. Let’s just point out that the would-be provocateur is confusing our use of a Taliban-style burqa—not a hijab, the headscarf that is part of Muslim cultural/religious attire—to make our point.

I could—and, in fact, intend to—write a book that would address some of the cultural-feminist issues raised by this attempted kerfluffling. But for now: This isn’t about clothing. It’s about global patriarchal oppression in all its nefarious manifestations. We’re not the enemy, sister; get that straight. Red State America isn’t quite Afghanistan yet, and we’re using the time-honored strategies of dress and whatever other readily recognizable visual cues we can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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