Monday, March 06, 2006

Abortion Ban on Senate Floor Today!

The anti-choice amendment -- SJR 127 -- is up for the second vote on the Senate floor today (3/06/06). The Senate Joint Resolution seeks to amend the state constitution by removing the guarantee of abortion rights. This is another one of those no exceptions bans!

Just like the misogynists in the South Dakota legislature, Tennessee legislators appear to be working for the day when women will be forced to reproduce every slimy rapist in the state and the nation.

Please call your elected officials.

SJR 127 would add this text to the TN Constitution:

"Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion."

Today's vote will be the second of the required three readings. The third and final senate vote may be held this Thursday, March 9th.

When was the first reading? According to our highly placed source, the ultra conservative Sneaky Senate held the first reading last Thursday night, but made no announcement of the reading on the General Assembly website, or elsewhere, until after the fact -- or the following day. Guess that's why there was no media coverage of this very newsworthy event. (These are the very same 'public servants' who refuse to permit their votes to be posted online!)

Please call your public servants.

"If SJR127 were to pass the Senate on its third reading, it will then be considered by the House - in at least two committees and on the House Floor. If the resolution passes both the Senate and House Chambers during this (104th) TGA session, it would be reintroduced during the 105th TGA where it would have to pass by a super-majority (2/3) vote in each chamber either during 2007 or 2008. Were it to pass by a super-majority during the 105th TGA, SJR127 would be placed on the state-wide ballot in 2010."

Please call or visit your elected officials. Contact information can be found here. (In the sidebar, click 'Senate' or 'House', then 'Members'.)

There may be a demonstration held in downtown Nashville, possibly on Thursday. As soon as I have confirmation, I'll post the details.

UPDATE: I still haven't seen any media coverage! If you see anything, please email me.

For more on SJR 127, see ACLU-TN.