Thursday, June 30, 2005

Patriarchy Does Not Mean Men

Check out I Blame the Patriarchy for a fine retort to the usual clueless charge that feminism is all about hating men. What? Men aren't at the center of feminism?? Who knew?

But these mindless charges invariably come from men who have never read a feminist text in their lives.

Ooops, sorry about that. That would be most men.

Let me try again. . . These mindless charges invariably come from all kinds of men and, yeah, women.

Snippet from: I Blame the Patriarchy:

"I'd forgotten for a moment that feminists are required to waste at least half of their waking hours reassuring skittish fans of the status quo that we aren't man-hating nutjob conspiracy-theorists.

Until such time as I have the leisure to more adequately address this pressing issue, kindly accept that when I deploy the term “patriarchy” I am alluding to “The Establishment” or “the global megacorp,” or, as the excellent Mimbreno of The Other Dark Meat more accurately suggests, “the dominant culture.” This broad characterization of patriarchy makes it easier to blame it for everything.

Patriarchy does not mean men. Seriously. Look it up."