Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush Approval Rating Way Down - In Tennessee Too

Survey USA reports that Bush's approval rating in the nation is at a dismal 43%.

In the red state of Tennessee the Bush approval rating has fallen to a pathetic 48%.

In Tennessee, 49% do not approve.

In the 50 states, the Bush approval rating ranges from an encouraging high of 63% in Utah to a dismal low of 32% in Vermont. You can see the numbers for all 50 states at Survey USA.

Little wonder that Bush is set to give yet another big 'stay-the-course' speech tonight. As always, the Prez will attempt to pull up his numbers by using the military as his prop. After America hears all those obligatory roaring cheers to the 'boss', America is supposed to like him better.

But - yawn - we've heard it all before.

Via Political Wire